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Exhale from above

Custom Charter Options

That’s just what it is…custom. All yours! If you have the time and budget, we have the boat and the staff. With over a 1000nm range at 7 knots, Exhale is a very autonomous yacht. Pricing varies depending upon where you want to go and for how long, as well as whether you want to add a Chef to your charter team.

For the couple that just wants to get away from it all, we offer a crewed charter option. That means you will have a full time Captain and Chef, at your disposal, to meet all of your needs. You and one guest will get the port side master suite and the crew will stay in the starboard side cabins. The pinnacle of luxury and personalization for your next vacation.


Ready to Build Your Dream Vacation?

The Bahamas, Annapolis, or somewhere in between, our staff will help you customize your next vacation.

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